9 Must-have Gaming Accessories

Whether you have a PS5, Xbox, PC, or a different gaming console, you will require gaming accessories. These accessories include keyboards, mousepads, microphones, gaming desks, headphones, controllers, external hard drives, and much more. This article will address the gaming accessories that are essential for the best gaming experience.

must have gaming accessories

Gaming mouse

A quality mouse will require a slightly oversized mouse pad. It is also preferable to get a wireless mouse pad as it will ensure a smooth experience, which will be enhanced by you having lots of space to perform specific actions. A wireless mouse will also offer the user quick clicking, vibration, and the option of customization.

Gaming chair

If you don’t have a gaming chair, you should get one as soon as possible. As well as offering comfort with its ergonomic design, gaming chairs ensure that gamers can play for a long time without having to suffer from back pain.

Gaming keyboard

You need to have a gaming keyboard with backlit keys. Luckily, most of the gaming keyboards on the market already come with this feature and enable gamers to see keys even in dimly lit places.

Curved gaming monitor

This is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a monitor with a wide view. It is also important that you ensure your monitor has a response time of 1 millisecond. This helps to reduce the lag between what happens in the game and your actions towards these happenings. Even though it isn’t absolutely necessary for regular tasks, it makes a big difference during games—especially when playing on gaming desktop PCs.


For gamers who are more comfortable with a controller rather than a keyboard and mouse, this will be a necessity. In addition, most controllers cost less than buying a keyboard and mouse.

Electric duster

Gas dusters or compressed air cans are very helpful when cleaning your PC, as they blow air with the help of consistent pressure. As an extra bonus, they’re also good for the environment because they don’t contain harmful chemicals.

Portable speakers

They might not look like much, but portable speakers have great sound for their size. Another advantage of them is that they’re small enough to transport from place to place—all you need is a USB port to connect them.

Cooling pads

One of the main issues of a gaming PC or even a console is overheating. This is an expected occurrence considering the powerful CPU and GPU that the desktop or laptop will need. Cooling pads, however, can provide a convenient solution to this problem by ensuring airflow, which will improve heat dissipation. For laptops, it will also be able to double as a laptop stand.

External hard drive

Even though PC gaming peripherals have sufficient storage space to meet the needs of gamers, it is advisable to get an external disk drive. This will allow you to store a lot more data—which translates to more games and media. External hard drives can also be useful when you cannot gain internet access. This usually occurs during travel.

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