Understanding How to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card Instantly

You can now buy bitcoin with a credit card using one of the many available options. Indeed, the crypto sector has drastically grown, hence, it is common to come across things like how to buy BTC with a credit card or how to buy bitcoin with a debit card. If your interest lies in buying using a credit card, then this article is for you.

You will be surprised that there are many options and all you need is to pick one that suits you best. According to financial experts, those who want to buy bitcoin instantly for the first time should prepare a digital wallet and make sure that their credit card is valid. When this is ready, they can proceed to one of the options discussed below.

Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card from a Bitcoin ATM

So, can you buy bitcoin with a credit card from a BTC ATM? The answer is yes. Apart from increasing in number, these self-service crypto machines are also becoming more convenient. They are placed inside shopping malls, city streets, banks, and many other places.

how to buy bitcoin with credit card

You just walk in, do your trading, and walk out. They are designed to accept various modes of payments for BTC such as cash, bank transfers, online payment methods, and credit and debit cards.

As mentioned, make sure that your Bitcoin wallet and the credit card are ready to successfully buy bitcoin with a credit card from a BTC ATM. The good thing is that the transactions are almost instant and you can verify if your Bitcoins have been transferred into your digital wallet before leaving the ATM.

Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card in a Bank

Many banks have now become crypto traders. Your bank might be one of those that can sell you Bitcoins by just swiping your credit or debit card or doing a bank transfer. For this, you will need to physically visit a bank to either buy bitcoin with a credit card instantly or buy bitcoin with a debit card instantly. The bank will need your Bitcoin wallet address to send the digital coins once they deduct them from the credit or debit card.

Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card in an Exchange Platform

Although mentioned as the third option, this is the most popular way to buy bitcoin with a credit card instantly. Many crypto exchange platforms are at your disposal these days. They differ in things like commission charged, speed of transactions, safety, and convenience. As a Bitcoin enthusiast, ensure that you use only reputable exchange platforms that will not disappoint you. Now that you want to know them, here are the best in 2020.

  • NakitCoins – If you have traded several times, you may have come across this popular platform. It offers its users many opportunities, including an option to buy bitcoin with a credit card on Nakitcoins. Their payment platform is safe to use and you do not have to worry about your data. They also have an option to host your wallet so that it will be easy to trade in other ways of buying and selling cryptocurrencies.
  • eToro – This is a common word on the internet today. Most crypto traders talk about eToro and how it has been a game-changer in crypto investment. If you are looking for a convenient way to buy bitcoin with a credit card, then eToro is your best bet. They also have other services such as hosting your wallet and many other options for trading. Once you register with eToro, you will see an option to buy bitcoin with a credit card and follow the easy steps until your BTC is in your digital wallet.
  • Coinmama – As you research the best exchange platforms on the web, Coinmama will keep on popping up. Since 2013, this platform has helped crypto investors how to buy bitcoin with a credit card instantly. The success rate is high according to reviews from previous users. Likewise, the commission is very reasonable, especially if you are a regular customer.
  • Coinbase – Last but not least, you can buy bitcoin with a credit card instantly from Coinbase. Just like Coinmama, NakitCoins, and other major crypto exchange platforms, the commission is competitive, the environment is safe, and services are convenient. Once your credit card is ready, register with Coinbase and initiate the credit card process.

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Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card at LocalBitcoins

If you prefer a peer-to-peer platform, LocalBitcoins is a platform that assists people who want to trade in Bitcoin. You are likely to find Bitcoin sellers who accept credit cards when buying Bitcoins and trading with them. When using LocalBitcoins, you are advised to filter sellers wisely to avoid being scammed. However, the platform tries to create a very safe environment for everyone.


Whether you are new to cryptocurrency or have many years of experience, these options to buy bitcoin with a credit card instantly. Choose one that works for you, understand how it works, and make use of it. Crypto exchange platforms are highly recommended because they offer other services as well.

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