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Image to text conversion or also known as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), is among the most extensively instigated forms of data entry techniques.

OCR includes identification and digitized scanning of transcribed or written text. The text goes through many steps, which provides for it being photo scanned, identified, and is lastly interpreted in character codes. This encrypted machine script can be effortlessly edited and searched by electronic means.

OCR has significantly enhanced the data entry procedure. The tool allows fast translation of scanned manuscripts to text files that can be searched. Nowadays, the requirement for scanned papers is on a continuous escalation since it will enable such documents to be noticed suitably when necessary. Such scanned documents are also a lot easier to share.

Benefits of Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

There are several benefits of OCR. Some of the most notable ones who make the tool highly renowned are as follows:-

OCR tools assist businesses in achieving higher productivity through expediting faster data recovery when necessary. The time and energy that is essential to spend for obtaining related data can be channelized to emphasize on other staple activities. Moreover, it saves employees from making several tours to the records room to retrieve the entailed documents, as they are now available on their computers.

OCR also helps organizations in cutting down on costs they previously required to hire employees for data retrieval. It also cuts down other expenses like shipping, printing, or copying. Hence, OCR excludes the charge of mislaid documents and proposals more considerable savings in the method of retrieved office area, which was else used for storing documents.

Previously, one of the critical problems with data entry was an inaccuracy. Optical Character recognition data entry results in a decreased ratio of errors and imprecision; it produces more reliable and dependable results.

Some of the best tools that offer Optical Character Recognition online for free are mentioned below:-


Image OCR tool offered by is one of the best available online entirely free of cost. It allows the user to obtain the text from an image. It is also pretty versatile since it gives you a choice to upload an image in several formats like JPG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, and PNG. The uploaded image’s writing is deeply scanned and converted into text, the process is carried out within minutes, and the final report can be read and saved comfortably.

image to text converter

Prepostseo ensures users that their tool is designed in such a way that it removes the file once the report is produced and dealt with by the original owner. It is never saved in the tool’s database, making the tool entirely safe for use.

There is no limit imposed on the searches, and it means that you can easily upload several files.

If you have a document with stats and mathematical equations, you can also scan it as well. The tool can identify composite mathematical equations.

The application of the tool is not limited to organizations only; ordinary people can also use it efficiently. The tool is designed to quickly scan photos and images that are made from low-resolution cameras. Such pictures have a high chance of having faded text. Typing it all over again is a lengthy and time-consuming process. OCR can interpret worn fonts and produce the result in conformity.

To upload an image follow steps below


Softo presents a very accurate tool for converting an image to text. The tool is available online on its website, and the user can easily open it and use it to the best of its abilities. It does not require any registration.

Though there are several image OCR tools available online, however, all of them might not be very trustworthy. If the uploaded text might is complex and needs privacy, then the tool presented by Softo is a dependable choice.

The site affirms that there is no limit on using the tool of any nature. You can use it all year without any costs ever being involved.

There is another possibility for individuals to examine a specific photo or image part. Certain people may desire a particular part of the image. The Crop image tool is available for the purpose which can be clicked and used.

Even if the images uploaded are blurred, the Softo image OCR tool will have no problems in scanning it. It can also efficiently browse photos with low resolutions or different fonts. It makes the tool one of the most adaptable on the net.

It can also be used on a cell phone. The final report can be downloaded and saved for later use.

Search Engine Reports

Converting manuscript in an image to text in an online has never been more uncomplicated. The image OCR tool offered by Search Engine Reports is a notable one since it makes this task seem effortless.

The tool does not require the installation of software in any form. You can use it online and without having to pay a penny for it.

Previously, if you had a hardcopy and you intend on creating a softcopy of it, then you were only left with one choice of writing it manually. The Search Engine Report makes this task stress-free by the introduction of its Image OCR tool, which can do the work within minutes.

The site guarantees the safety and privacy of the uploaded content. Since the tool is usable by anyone, some document that requires confidentiality might be uploaded and for the purpose, the site has ensured full responsibility for it.

It is also designed to recognize and convert photos that might be uploaded in low resolutions. However, it should be noted that if the document or the picture being uploaded is in critically lousy shape, either poorly written or produced from the old printer, then that might have a direct impact on the generated results.

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