15 Awesome Mobile Website Designs

Mobile design industry is floating with opportunities due to emerging trends in smart phones and drop on its prices making it available for most people across the world. We have seen enormous changes in Mobile design industry with the need to go mobile for any business. There are many new software came in which can turn your existing website into mobile supported within few clicks away.

We just tried to gather few awesome mobile website designs for inspirations. Check out the collection…

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20 Unique Credit Card Designs Ever

Credit card is not just a piece of plastic, it’s a status symbol. The credit card has come a long way since the Diners club of 1950. Some cards go beyond the mundane and feature cool art work which spice up your wallet. Now with more benefits and custom options than before, credit card companies are developing to attract customers by redesigning the credit card itself. The importance and the business these cards got is enormous. Will you believe that there are many daily updated websites which shows you the credit card offers every bank is giving on each application.

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17 Useful Android Social Networking Apps

Android is an operating system for mobile devices which has been developed by Google. It is getting better and better with plenty of free apps and much more. Android is hot topic obviously as it’s a open source allowing developers to make apps. And obviously, social networking is also fastest growing trend among the mobile phone users.

Being a Android smart phone smart user, you can download and get apps for almost every kind of need you may have. Here I’m presenting you 17 useful Android social networking apps, watch and try them and have fun!

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Weekly Cool Links – 12th February

This week we are about to share some awesome royalty free stock photo and textures site, you must bookmark this page or mentioned sites for future use:

The best source for premium royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vector arts. For designer, advertiser, photo editor, content manager or blogger, Depositphotos.com offers millions of high-quality photographs and vector images at affordable prices.

TextureDrive is a royalty free texture packs shop, where you can buy awesome texture packs in a very cheap price. You’ll find some special texture packs, you’ve never seen before!

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30+ Visually Attracted Creative Resumes

If you are one of the job seekers who have been sending lots of resumes and haven’t got any response. The problem may not stayed with your qualification or experiences. So you must need to think something exceptional and creative. Moreover if you are a creative job seeker such as graphics or web designer, your resume must need something exceptional.
Here are 32 examples of creative resumes to inspire you.

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Cool Collection of CMS Based Websites Gallery

Today, developing a site in manual format is just measured as old culture. It is the era of content management system. From the developer to novice everybody loves to use CMS based websites, because the invention of different CMS is to provide more user friendly interface for the owner and users.

In some persons’ mind, there have been a wrong thought that the CMS based website designs are not so much gorgeous. So for the designer and developer, in the web, here creates lots of CMS based websites gallery who showcases nice and smart CMS based websites. Here I listed some showcases of 3 most popular CMS (Drupal, Joomla, WordPress) based websites.

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40+ Creative Manipulations to Feast your Eyes

Photo manipulation is the most appealing division of digital art works. It is amazing way of creating remarkable images. Photo manipulation is a crazy combination of digital arts and photography. A creative and innovative image immediately attracts and set strong mark and we bear it in mind for long time.

In every photo manipulation there stays different story that in some way, reflects the artist’s level of mind’s eye and creativeness. Here is a splendid collection of 42 inventive manipulations.

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