40+ Creative Manipulations to Feast your Eyes

January 24th, 2011Category: Graphics

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Photo manipulation is the most appealing division of digital art works. It is amazing way of creating remarkable images. Photo manipulation is a crazy combination of digital arts and photography. A creative and innovative image immediately attracts and set strong mark and we bear it in mind for long time.

In every photo manipulation there stays different story that in some way, reflects the artist’s level of mind’s eye and creativeness. Here is a splendid collection of 42 inventive manipulations.

Author: Faisal Raj

I am an ultimate web related working person. Loves to collect and create all types of creative task, whatever, it is design related or funny or inspiring. I like blogging and only in 25-year-age, I have huge experience on blogging. Right now I'm also managing Smashing Post.

  • Were these images maniuplated or created this way from scratch ?
    If it was an artist that did them than props to the artist
    and same props go to anyone who manipulated them although if it is the later I am curious if there is any tutorials for any of the effects available?