10 Great Resource of Free Metal Texture

December 31st, 2010Category: Freebies

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Texture is one of the most vital resources that can easily help in your any kind of design. Sometimes a simple design with perfect use of a texture gives a real gorgeous look. According to the design option you may need various types of resource.

In here I gathered a specific kind of texture, it is metal texture. It can be odd to anybody that where he will use it. But in your different kinds of design you can use these which can give your design a smart look.

60 Free High Resolution Metal Textures

26 excellent metal textures

42 Free and Excellent Metal Textures For Your Designs

20 Metal textures for Designers to Use

40 Metal Textures for Designers

38 Free Metal Textures

30+ High Quality Metallic Texture

50 Free Rusted Metal Texture Backgrounds

53 High-Res Rustic Metal Sculpture Textures

5 High Quality Tileable Metal Textures

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