A Complete Guide to Integrate your Site with Google Buzz

February 23rd, 2010 Faisal Raj Showcases 3 Comments

Google Buzz is a most recent way to start conversations about the things you find interesting. And it is quickly becoming an interesting and popular way to share content with your friends. So, why developers will stay away from this social media? Here I collect 7 impotent individual topics/posts that are enough to know the whole thing about the integration of Google Buzz with your site.

Google Buzz


95 Fresh Logo Design for Your Inspiration

January 31st, 2010 Faisal Raj Showcases 6 Comments

Logo is the best graphical representation that uses as unique trademark or commercial brand for your any kind of business. So a unique trademark needs lots of thinking. That’s why around us there are lots of logo design companies. In one of our previous post we made a list of quality logo design companies.

But, it is not mandatory to take the service of logo Design Company for your logo design. If you have basic knowledge on the using of different graphic design tools, then you can try it yourself. For your help here we showcase 95 brilliant and simple logo designs for growing more idea and inspiration.


10 Cool WordPress Plugins for Ratings

January 17th, 2010 Faisal Raj Showcases 13 Comments

Rating is one of the most exciting parts of a website. It is enjoyable for both of admin and visitors and also measured the popularity of post or comments. And the most interesting news is that like lots of exciting features WordPress support this feature very easily. There are varieties of WordPress Plugins for Rating; for example, there are rating plugins for posts, pages and even for comments. Here I gathered 10 mostly usable and rocking Rating plugins of WordPress.

WordPress Ratings


14 Great Posts on jQuery Plugins

October 30th, 2009 Faisal Raj Showcases 1 Comment

We use jQuery, we love jQuery. With jQuery we can create interactive web sites without any hard coding. For easy to use, everybody loves to get various types of jQuery plugins for their web development.

In my today’s presentation, you will get 14 really attractive and useful posts on jQuery plugins. Hope the use of these plugins in your project will be useful for you and will impress your client.
14 jQuery Plugins


11 Great Post on WordPress Plugins

October 3rd, 2009 Faisal Raj Showcases 6 Comments

WordPress is the most popular and user-friendly blogging platform. Lots of sites and blogs are powered by WordPress. People love to use WordPress, like me!

From a web developer to a normal user who has limited knowledge on development, all likes WordPress for its easy managing system. Moreover, lots of free plugins are available for extending the basic features. But it is true that, sometimes a WordPress user faces problems to choose a plugin. Problem is, which pluings will be suitable or which plugins are needed for their blog. For them, I think the following posts from different web design related blogs are most valuable.

WordPress Plugins


78 Websites with Community News option to Promote Your Design Related News

October 2nd, 2009 Faisal Raj Showcases 14 Comments

Design related articles are now one of the most popular choices for the visitors among all of the articles. But every design related article writers can’t carry his article to all of the interested visitors. Basically it is harder for the new comers. For them, showing design related activity to all, there is no other best thing than community news submission.

Community news submission in popular sites brings huge number of visitors for your site. So here, I have gathered a list of 78 websites who has community news feature. By submitting your design related article in these sites you can gain huge traffic. Hope these will useful for you. So keep the page in your BookMark for submitting your every article.





25 Exceptional Contact Forms to get Inspired

September 1st, 2009 Faisal Raj Inspiration,Showcases 9 Comments

Contact form is one of the most important parts for most of the website. It plays a vital role to interact with your clients or well-wishers. So, many of the designers pay plenty of concentration to design a contact form.

So, when you will design a contract form think about a nice design of it. For this, you can try to achieve inspiration from various designers’ design. For taking inspiration about contact form here I am going to show 25 nice and exceptional contact forms.

Contact Forms


32 Extremely Useful Twitter Plugins for WordPress

August 19th, 2009 Faisal Raj Showcases 15 Comments

Twitter is a recent time craze for communicate with each other. And Twitter is not only so much valuable for interacting with your friends or community but it is also a great media for marketing your service.

Twitter Plugins for WordPress
If you have a site or blog based on WordPress then it is more easy to spread your site content through Twitter, because there are lots of Twitter plugins for WordPress. Here I gathered, 32 useful Twitter Plugins for WordPress users, hope these will help you and make you smile.


45 Funny Graphical Presentation of 404 Error Page

August 9th, 2009 Faisal Raj Showcases 25 Comments

“404 error page” – A common term to every internet users. But do you know from where it comes. In an office on the fourth floor (Room 404), an ambitious group of young scientists at CERN (Switzerland) located the World Wide Web’s central database. When the record of database started to increase, not only the amount of requests grew, but also increased the amount of requests that could not be fulfilled. Generally it occurs, because of requested a file in the incorrect name. Soon these error requests were replied with a regular message: “Room 404: file not found”. From where we get our today‚Äôs “404 error page”.

But today the error message is not bounded within a simple message, now this message comes with various visual presentations. Here you can see some great examples of this “404 error page” done by great designers.

404 Error Page


Amazing Realistic Street Arts

July 16th, 2009 Faisal Raj Inspiration,Showcases 22 Comments

Art on the public place or in the streets is not a new trend. In between 1999 and 2000, this art was firstly getting huge popularity among the world. Previously this art work was done by the artists on their own wish, to impress the viewers. But now some of companies or corporate houses are investing on this work for their product or brand promotion. Around the world, here is a few number of street artist and in between them Julian Beever is a popular name.

Here you’ll find some of creative, amazing and realistic street arts. I think it will impress you.

Street Art

Street Art