5 Great Examples of Responsive Web Design from Financial Industry

December 11th, 2014 Shabu Inspiration,Showcases 0

Your business certainly doesn’t have to be creative or over-familiar with IT to operate a fantastically responsive website. Web design is a key part of any business these days, whether you sell shoes or provide an e-wallet service.

Here are just 5 examples of great responsive web design elements found on sites from the financial industry:
PNC Virtual Wallet


15 Awesome Mobile Website Designs

September 8th, 2012 Shabu Inspiration 1 Comment

Mobile design industry is floating with opportunities due to emerging trends in smart phones and drop on its prices making it available for most people across the world. We have seen enormous changes in Mobile design industry with the need to go mobile for any business. There are many new software came in which can turn your existing website into mobile supported within few clicks away.

We just tried to gather few awesome mobile website designs for inspirations. Check out the collection…


20 Unique Credit Card Designs Ever

July 29th, 2012 Shabu Inspiration Comments Off

Credit card is not just a piece of plastic, it’s a status symbol. The credit card has come a long way since the Diners club of 1950. Some cards go beyond the mundane and feature cool art work which spice up your wallet. Now with more benefits and custom options than before, credit card companies are developing to attract customers by redesigning the credit card itself. The importance and the business these cards got is enormous. Will you believe that there are many daily updated websites which shows you the credit card offers every bank is giving on each application.


17 Useful Android Social Networking Apps

July 26th, 2012 Shabu Freebies Comments Off

Android is an operating system for mobile devices which has been developed by Google. It is getting better and better with plenty of free apps and much more. Android is hot topic obviously as it’s a open source allowing developers to make apps. And obviously, social networking is also fastest growing trend among the mobile phone users.

Being a Android smart phone smart user, you can download and get apps for almost every kind of need you may have. Here I’m presenting you 17 useful Android social networking apps, watch and try them and have fun!


Weekly Cool Links – 12th February

February 12th, 2012 Shabu Weekly Links Comments Off

This week we are about to share some awesome royalty free stock photo and textures site, you must bookmark this page or mentioned sites for future use:

The best source for premium royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vector arts. For designer, advertiser, photo editor, content manager or blogger, Depositphotos.com offers millions of high-quality photographs and vector images at affordable prices.

TextureDrive is a royalty free texture packs shop, where you can buy awesome texture packs in a very cheap price. You’ll find some special texture packs, you’ve never seen before!


Innovative Wood Texture Pack from GeekSucks

August 22nd, 2009 Shabu Freebies 10 Comments

Few days ago we have published an article of 77 Exclusive Free Texture Pack Collection from various inspirational blogs. But it likes to me as a shame that, as an inspirational blog we did not released yet any texture pack of our own for our readers.

So, for our visitors, recently we’ve captured some awesome wood texture photograph for their use.
Free Wood Texture PackThis is starting of our process to provide textures. From now we will try to provide you various texture packs on monthly basis and of course these will be capture by us. Right now, providing you 14 wood texture pack. All these textures’ resolution is 3888 X 2592.